In 1675, Sweden was at war with most of her Baltic neighbors. The Danes sought to recapture provinces lost to Sweden in the previous war, including Scania. To allow an invasion of Scania, Denmark would have to achieve dominance of the sea to allow supply lines for any invasion force.

Denmark had occupied Gotland in the spring of 1676 and now they also wanted to take Scania back. Together with Dutch ships, they waited for the Swedish fleet south of Bornholm. The Swedish Navy sailed south with almost 30 warships and 30 being fireships and converted merchantmen, to prevent the invasion. Almost 12,000 men were on board with 2,200 guns. The Swedish Navy's largest ship, Kronan (The Crown) was under the command of Lorenz Creutz. The commander of the second largest, Svärdet (The Sword), was the experienced vice-admiral Claes Uggla.

The sea battle at Öland's southern cape in 1676

The Danish fleet was led by admiral Niels Juel. The first battle was to the south of Bornholm, but when the Danish navy was reinforced by the Dutch led by admiral Cornelis Tromp, the Swedes decided to move north. A devastating blow was then fought south of Öland. It led to the battle of Öland on June 1, 1676. The remaining Swedish ships retreated to the Stockholm archipelago.

As a result of the battle, the Danes were able to land 14,000 troops in Scania one month later. At the end of the same year, occurred the bloody Battle of Lund, between Danes and Swedes.