Vrak – Museum of Wrecks brings together much of Sweden’s expertise in maritime archaeology and is also influential internationally. We conduct research and conservation projects in the field of archaeology. We also offer consultancy services in maritime archaeology on land and under water.

Our mission is to preserve and increase knowledge about our underwater cultural heritage and to make it more accessible. We identify particularly valuable cultural heritage environments and ancient monuments, highlight different threats or harmful influences, and protect vulnerable remains. The biggest threats include the plundering of shipwrecks and a general lack of knowledge about what remains hidden beneath the water’s surface. This is why we at VRAK – Museum of Wrecks consider it vital to bring to the surface the unique cultural heritage that lies on the bottom of the Baltic Sea, along with the knowledge that maritime archaeologists can provide us with.


In matters relating to the conservation and accessibility of maritime heritage, we collaborate both nationally and internationally, with a special focus on the Baltic Sea region. We work with municipalities, county administrative boards and other parties who want to develop new ways to make our underwater maritime heritage more accessible, even for people who are not divers. By making this work more visible, we can also increase our general understanding of the rich cultural treasures hidden beneath the surface of the water.

Archaeologists at the Museum of Wrecks also collaborate with other museums, government authorities and universities. We are a partner in Kalmar County Museum’s ongoing project “Kronan framtid” (The Future of the Crown), and have repeatedly collaborated with the Marine Archaeological Research Institute MARIS at Södertörn University.