Shipwreck looting in the Baltic Sea

03 June 2020 10:06


Photo: Anders P Näsberg Vrak/SMTM

More wrecks in the Baltic Sea are being looted, even though the older wrecks there are protected by the Heritage Conservation Act. Last year, maritime archaeologists from Vrak – Museum of Wrecks discovered that the Osmund wreck had been looted. And many other Baltic Sea wrecks are not escaping the damage.

When some or all of a wreck’s cargo is looted, many clues are destroyed that make it more difficult to learn about the original ship that once sailed on the Baltic Sea. It’s a cultural heritage crime that robs us of our history. The Museum of Wrecks is now working together with other stakeholders with a major maritime presence to raise awareness of the problem, which is unknown to many.


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